Example of Hyperledger Business Network

Example of Hyperledger Business Network. Let's now see an example of what we can build with Hyperledger Composer. The following image shows the structure of a car auction which works on top of a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain.

First of all, there are two ovals. Below there's Hyperledger Fabric which is our underlying technical substrate and the operating system for our blockchain solution. Above that there's Hyperledger Composer, which adds useful abstractions to build blockchain solutions. We can think of it as a kind of application toolkit. In fact, it's a set of APIs for programming.

Example of Hyperledger Business Network

Car auction assets

For this business case, the assets will be:

  • vehicle: it's the key asset for this business network. It owns a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and has an owner. So, we will have a relashionship between the vehicle and another asset in the network.
  • owner: the owner is a participant in the network who wants to sell a vehicle
  • auctioneer: the autcioneer is another kind of participant who organizes the auction. So, he will have a different role from the owner and perform different operations. These operations will result in different kind of transactions inside the network. The auctioneer could for example be in charge of starting the auction, close the bidding of an auction and so on.
  • buyers: another kind of participant of course are the people interested in buying cars. They will be able to see open auctions and place bids.

Business network interfaces

When we are building a network we will also have to take into account how the participants will interact with the application and the blockchain. For example, the auctioneer could work in his office and start ancd close bids from a desktop pc. So, a webapp could be useful in this case. Then, maybe, it could be useful to have also Android or iOS application for the buyers in order to place bids.

So, when we are building blockchain solutions, we have to take into accounts how the participants will interact with the system.

Expand the business network

In addition to the original participants, there could be also some other parties who could be interested in seeing some kind of data stored in the network. This could be the case of authorities involved in the business process. For car auctions, they could be the government regulator for vehicles, insurances companies and so on.

So, after the initial configuration, it could be useful to add some other participants in the business network. These parties will have different interests in the exchanges that are being performed inside the blockchain network. With Composer it will be simple to add a new participant asset with specific view and transactions rights.

The business network will be available to all these kind of members which will have different interests and rights. The will be all sharing the same distributed ledger and access it for their own purposes.

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